Painting Natural History Collections

I had an opportunity to teach Painting Natural History Collections, a 1.5 hour online workshop during Winslow Art Center’s free Winter Bash last week. To my surprise and delight, more than 200 people from six countries joined in. How inspiring to find so many people interested in this subject! I’ve been poking around old museums specimens for many years and they have provided me hours of fascination, a wealth of painting subjects, and outstanding opportunities to expand my knowledge of natural history. I hope those who attended the session will now enjoy making discoveries of their own from the vast richness of museum collections.

Tips & Techniques– If you would like to watch the session, you can still sign up for the Winter Bash and access all of the online presentations. Signing up is free. I just opened a new four-week class, Drawn to Nature, and (fortunately or unfortunately depending on your position) it sold out in 24 hours. If you are interested in future classes, sign up for the waiting list on the Drawn to Nature link to receive an email when classes open. Thank you for your incredible support!

15 Comments on “Painting Natural History Collections

  1. Oh Jean! I had the pleasure of participating in your session on painting museum specimens, and loved every minute. Thank you so much for offering to share your techniques and curated specimen observing skills with us all. I jumped right in and produced 2 different examples from your reference materials, “taping” down my Calochortus so it wouldn’t fly away! And it’s so exciting how you finished off your composition …. How beautifully you brought everything to life!
    Thank you again!

  2. The class was great and I’m amazed you finished the painting so fast. Absolutely beautiful and inspiring

  3. I too attended the Winslow Art Center class on Friday and was enthralled by the plethora of subject matter to be found in museums and your guidance in searching them. With the winter snow and cold in my neck of the woods (Eastern Ontario, Canada), I like the idea of a warmer place to look for inspiration. As for your art, I have been a fan for several years. It all started with the seagulls on tan paper :). You are very generous with your explanations and weekly posts. Many thanks!! I hope some day to join you for an in-person retreat on the Maine coast. Happy Holidays!

    • Thanks so much for writing Diane. I hope you have some fun discoveries in the digital collections this winter. How can you go wrong, eh? I hope you make to the Maine coast someday! It’s a beautiful setting for sketching nature. Happy Holidays! — Jean

  4. I’m so disappointed i missed your session. I had an urgent issue come up last minute and I had waited for this. I hope you will do another.

  5. I really enjoyed this workshop! It is encouraging me to think more about planning the page layout, sizes of the elements. That process of quickly placing elements on the page with pencil as a test is really useful! Thank you for sharing and Happy Holidays!

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