What Lies Within

Is there anything more astonishing that the flowering of an amaryllis? One day, a rough brown mass with tangled roots sits on your table and soon after a glorious and sensual bloom greets you upon entering the room. The transformation always gives me pause. What astonishing beauty might arise from within each of us?

17 Comments on “What Lies Within

  1. A beautiful painting and sentiment. I have always found amaryllis very challenging subject matter both for drawing/painting and photography. Your well chosen use of ink makes this lively.

    • I find amaryllis difficult too. The color is so exuberant that I just want to throw paint on the paper, but the there is a precision in the petals, too. I tried to capture some of each here. Not totally satisfied, but it will have to do!

  2. I do wish that I could grow them. But I’m content to see your beautiful sketch just the same. Thank you for bringing color to my day.

  3. More astonishing than your painting of this gorgeous amaryllis, is waking to discover your beautiful painting first thing this morning. Your work is incredible and so inspiring, Jean. Many thanks for sharing.

  4. Love, love love it! You are NOT seeing clearly if you don’t find this rendition is anything but beautiful! Although it is not your typical go to color, it suits the amaryllis perfectly! I grow one every year and try my best to capture it in washes of paint. This year, I started late so it is not blooming yet. I will use yours as an inspiration for mine this year. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Such inspiration! I went out yesterday to purchase a bulb so I could tackle this challenge myself. Wish me luck🤞

  6. I don’t know if you could have picked a better concept to pair with this sketch, Jean. The colors are handled beautifully. Mine has been sitting in a pot for weeks now with no sign of growth but I’m patient. 🙂

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