Sketching and Painting Bird Eggs and Nests
Nest-Robin_JMACKAYSunday, March 22, 1-4 pm
Emma Treadwell Thatcher Nature Center, Voorheesville, NY
Registration opening soon
Capture the beauty of bird eggs and nests. We’ll start with pencil to define basic shapes and forms and then use the color medium of your choice (colored pencil, watercolor, gouache, etc.) to add color and bring a nest to life. Some experience with drawing is helpful, but instruction will be tailored to various skill levels. Fee: $30

Plein Air Warm Up for Spring
Believer in FernsSaturday, April 18, 1:30-4:30pm
Art School of Columbia County, Ghent, NY
Registration opening soon
Get ready to spring into spring with techniques for sketching and painting outside. Working with a combination of ink, watercolor, and colored pencil, we’ll head outside for part of the class, weather depending, and continue indoors with spring plants and flowers.

Arts and Birding- For Photographers and Artists

Life List- BirdsJuly 19-24, 2020
Waiting list only! 
Hog Island Audubon Camp in Maine
Immerse yourself in the sights, sounds, and rhythms of life on an island on Maine’s stunningly beautiful rocky coast! You’ll find plenty of creative inspiration in the company of others who share an enthusiasm for birds and nature. We’ll explore the island’s spruce forest, tide pools, and striking vistas, take a boat trip to see puffins, and offer daily skill sessions in your choice specialty sketching/painting or photography. Beginner to advanced participants welcome. We work in a fun, positive, collaborative atmosphere.

Interesting in Hosting a Workshop?

Contact me! The best thing to do is to reach out via e-mail and tell me a little about what you have in mind. Then we can arrange to talk on the phone to discuss details. I like to tailor a workshop to the needs of each group. Fees vary based on travel and workshop length.
jeanmackay (dot) art (at) gmail (dot) com
Here are a few possibilities:

Sketching Nature with Pencil, Pen, and Paint
Learn a variety of techniques for capturing nature and enlivening your sketches. This class aims to help you feel more confident sketching in the field and offers ideas and inspiration for nature sketching all year long.

Illustrated Journaling in Watercolor
Learn to keep your own artist journal to capture your creative journey and improve your skills as an artist. We’ll share subject ideas, test drive materials, and consider compositions for combining artwork and text to create engaging pages. You’ll also learn practical techniques for drawing and painting the subjects you encounter.

Draw a Better Bird
Yes, birds have knees! And three rows of feathers on their wings and all sorts of other specific body features that are helpful to understand in order to draw and paint birds more accurately. We’ll take a closer look at key features and practice drawing some of the details to make your bird sketching take flight.

26 thoughts on “Workshops

  1. How I wish I could join you! Just stumbled across your blog and I love it. Will you post any future classes you do, please? What fun!!! I live on the other side of the country but one can always dream. Like you, I am drawn to art and draw, paint, cut paper and do letterpress printing almost non-stop.

    • So glad you found the blog! Put a little note on your refrigerator and someday you will get to Hog Island– it is worth the trip! I will post future workshops, as well as some photos and artwork from the week ahead of Arts and Birding!

  2. I am also dreaming of painting with you. I love Maine and I love your art, maybe someday. I put it on my bucket list.
    Do you ever do any online workshops?

    • Hi Teri- It would be so fun to meet you and share some time sketching and painting! Do put Arts and Birding on your bucket list! I love the southwest, so maybe someday I’ll make it back there. For now, I don’t have any online workshops because my work/life schedule is pretty packed.

  3. Your birds on the toned paper really shine, Jean. And your class sounds like a dream…not this coming year for me, but perhaps a later year if you’re still doing them. I love Maine and birds and sketching!

  4. stunning blog.. a true gift… have you published a book?.. it would be wonderful to be able to have it in my hands!.. you are a master

  5. thanks for responding..sorry there is not a book, but keep on exploring and so happy to be a viewer of your creations…thanks again

  6. Yay … I have signed up for the new workshop in July! Now I can’t wait. Love the coast, islands, and the adventures. Looking forward to meeting you and learning everything I can about capturing the true essence of Maine! Both via sketching and through photography.

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  8. Hi, I took my first watercolor class and the instructor yelled at me this week because i left white areas in certain parts of the painting…the exercise was just started too. I had been planning to do a light wash over the area. Wow, his behavior has me sort of freaked out! I’d like to continue learning but from a different instructor and maybe a different style. He was pretty focused on his method and style. I am open to different styles but figure we develop our own eventually. I like what you paint and I’m hoping to find someone in Seattle who teaches painting nature – like you!
    Now if I can just let go of what happened this week…

    • Geez– that would be kind of traumatizing for a beginner. I’m sorry you had this experience! My first (and only) watercolor class was similar, but, thankfully, without the yelling. The instructor was VERY fastidious and I found it hard to work so precisely in her style. It seems like you may need a course that shows you different watercolor techniques and color mixing, and then you can take those skills to develop your own style and apply them to what you want to paint. I’m sure you’ll find your way, but I encourage you not to let this week’s encounter discourage you! Just learn what you can from this teacher and carry on!

      • Thanks for understanding! I’ll keep searching until I find a place to try again…as well as working at home with what I’ve learned so far.

      • PJ Marie, have you tried Kateri Ewing with Craftsy? Checkout Jane Blundell … wonderful website on watercolors and Liz Steel will be doing a Watercolor on-line course later this year. I did her Foundations course and she was excellent. Good luck.

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  11. Hi! I am trying to sign up for the July workshop but am having a heck of a time signing up online… it’s very frustrating! Is there another way to sign up? Thank you!

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