Lost in Greenery

Note to self: avoid painting at the Lyman Conservatory during the spring bulb show. Truth be told, I only glanced into the rooms that displayed a grand spectacle of colorful tulips and daffodils. They were so crowded with winter-weary visitors that sketching there was impossible. I did, however, eke out a small corner of a greenhouse where a tangle of vine wound its way from floor to ceiling. And, as crowded as it was, I wouldn’t have traded a day lost in that greenery for anything.

19 Comments on “Lost in Greenery

  1. So interesting to realize that people in snow-filled areas crave the greens of spring! So glad you got some – but Spring is on the way, never fear!

    • First, yellow and blue wet on wet. Then several layers of the same, plus some sap green to pick out the shapes and begin to add some dark tones. And then a leap to purple for the darker shapes and darks. All of the paints are transparent. Hope that helps!

  2. 🙂 Oh, that completely makes sense! There’s a huge tulip festival here, because we have over a thousand acres of tulip fields, and I avoid that area during that time. I love getting lost in the kind of greenery you painted – but it does look like a painting that you’d need to map out carefully in your head – which leaf was I working on now? 🙂 I love the layers, and the way the stems play against the leaves.

  3. Lovely, although tulips and other spring flowers sound wonderful right now. Anything growing in your neck of the woods?

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