Unexpected Break

The air was cold and crisp, the ice smooth as glass. Perfect for a family skating party. I wish I could say I was in the midst of landing a lovely spin or graceful figure eight, but I was merely trying to tell another skater that his laces were dragging when I suddenly hit the ice. I was able to get up and complete skating the counterclockwise loop to get off the rink, but I quickly realized that my right wrist was not looking or feeling good. Long story short, I must take an unexpected break from painting and blogging while my unexpected break is repaired and heals.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season, with much joyful and safe skating if you so choose. I look forward to being back sometime in 2023 with two working hands and more creative explorations.

Tips and Techniques: Some of you will recognize this piece as the banner from Winslow Art Center’s Winter Bash. It was a fun but challenging assignment, as I had to create something that could be cropped to several formats and also be overlayed with text. I love starry winter nights (and skating at night) and that was my inspiration. I created it with several washes of ultramarine, indanthrone blue, alizarin crimson, and a touch of aureolin yellow, over spattered masking fluid. Try it– it’s fun! Keep creating!

67 Comments on “Unexpected Break

  1. I am so sorry for your fall and I hope you have a successful recovery for your hand! I love your work and I will be missing your drawing and painting!

  2. So So sorry for your break Jean!! We will be keeping you in our hearts for a good healing.

  3. So sorry to hear of this unexpected break. I hope your loved ones spoil you rotten over the holidays.

  4. Sorry to hear of the wrist break; sending wishes for speedy healing. Thanks for the great workshop on the Winter Bash.

  5. Oh no Jean! So sorry! I broke my right wrist last Christmas! Hope your healing happens in the blink of an eye and hopefully no surgery.

  6. I am so sorry! Are you relatively pain free now….? Are you in a cast and how long before you have that arm back in use? Only another 300 questions. I will do anything I can for you, an arm is bad but as someone close to me would say “It could have been your hip!” take care and follow the instructions for fast healing. Love, Sandi


    • Hi Sandi- No bone is good when broken. I am relatively pain free during the day and slowly mending. I swap my heavy cast next week for a brace and begin PT. Anticipated recovery is a few months. My brother Mike is an OT hand specialist, so I am getting good advice…and following it! Hope you are doing well!

  7. Hi Jean. It’s the time of week that the thought crosses my mind while painting…oh good, I get to see what Jean’s been up to tomorrow! You are loved and missed; I hope your healing is coming along well. All the best to you in the meantime.

    • Hi Cathy– Thanks so much for your note! What a nice boost! I am making good progress and I hope to be back soon. I was able to swap my cast for a removable brace this week and begin OT. I did some artwork today with my right hand — my first attempt post-break and managed pretty well. I need to take my time but I’m very encouraged. I hope you are doing some good and satisfying painting! Be well! — Jean

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