Progress Unfolding

Many thanks for all of your kind notes and best wishes for a swift recovery from my broken wrist and surgery. The outpouring of support was such a nice gift amidst this trying time. I am so pleased to report that surgery went well and my hard cast was swapped for a removable brace last week. I’ve started OT and I have a lot of work ahead to regain range of motion and strength. While I’m thrilled to now be able to tie my shoes and use a fork with my right hand, I was most eager to test my abilities with a pen and paint brush…and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I bought these bulbs knowing that I could gauge the progress of my recovery as the paperwhites unfold. Stage one accomplished, I look forward to the growth still to come.

Tips and Techniques– The best advice I can share this week is the advice I’m giving myself: take your time. Every line and stroke feels both familiar and new to me and I have to take frequent brakes to rest. Maybe that’s a good thing. It allows you to see things fresh each time you start again and to evaluate colors, values, and composition as you go. Enjoy it!

77 Comments on “Progress Unfolding

  1. You are wonderfully courageous! May your recovery continue to be swift and strong.

  2. Jean, I am so pleased to know that your recovery is going well. I have been thinking of you and sending healing thoughts. And the bulbs are lovely!

  3. I am so sorry to learn about your mishap! I’m grateful you are mending so well. Take care,


  4. Jean, you made my day with your lovely post! Your bulb drawings and lettering are as beautiful as ever! Keep resting. You’ll be back to normal soon! Keeping the prayers coming.

    • Hi Carol Ann– I’m very grateful that I could handle drawing, painting, and text. The painting was the hardest– maybe that requires the most wrist. But I’m on my way!

  5. Congratulations on your recovery. I understand you still have a way to go but gee one month and you are drawing & painting!!! Amazing. You go girl. And thank you for keeping us in the loop.

    • I’m thrilled and relieved, Pam. Wasn’t sure how long it would take before I could pick up a brush. Thank goodness for orthopedists and their support teams. I’ve had very good care and hope to continue to make steady gains.

  6. Absolutely excellent on all accounts, Jean! I’ve been thinking about you and wondering how wrist recovery was progressing. Didn’t realize you had surgery too! Good golly. Best of luck with OT. Determination is key in that department, as I well know from experience. Your bulbs are soooooo wonderful. You’ve still got it, but then again I knew you wouldn’t lose it ever!

    • I am very determined and motivated Barb. Thanks for your support! This first painting feels like a huge milestone and I’m grateful to be working my way back. Gotta get those tendons moving again, build the muscle that I lost, and work on strength. Onward!

  7. Inspiring! Keep healing….you will unfold beautifully just like the bulbs you are drawing.

  8. Sounds like you are moving right along, that is great. I love your bulbs they are wonderful, reminds me I need to go to the nursery before they are all gone. Hope your OT is helpful it usually is because it helps to not be afraid to push your injury a little more than is comfortable. Have fun drawing and painting again, I’m sure it is a relief to be assured that your talent has not abandon you. The muscle memory and love of the art never leaves. Cheers

    • Thank you for sharing your progress. Valuable insights and lessons and appreciate your candidness.

    • Thanks Georgia. OT will be very useful as I have a lot to work on. I am relieved that my art skills remain — I figure it will be good for the hand to do all the subtle things that come with making art (starting with the small spray bottle to wet the paints). Go get yourself some bulbs!

  9. Dear Jean, I planted paper whites yesterday, too. As I watch mine elongate and open, I’ll think of yours doing the same and your wrist healing day by day getting stronger.

  10. What wonderful news, Jean. Everything that happens in our lives are moments that teach us something important. Keep it up!

  11. When I had surgery on my right hand, I did continue my watercolor class only using my left hand. what an eye opener, my painting was more relaxed and a different part of my brain got new jog. Give it a try. janice fleetwood-bean

    • Hi Janice- I did use my left hand for a couple of pages recently and you’re right– it gave my brain a workout. I can’t say I want to continue, though it was a worthwhile exercise.

  12. What a comeback! I always look forward to your weekly posts. Beautiful bulbs.

  13. Such a great way to measure your progress, with lovely flowers and healed bones to look forward to! I look forward to seeing the journey to blossoms and wellness. Our bodies want to heal and plants want to grow; nature (including us, of course!), is miraculous 🙂

  14. Beautiful! And hopeful. Thank you for your dedication to painting, and to sharing.

  15. Just gorgeous. So glad you are healing and finding your pen and paint again! I have missed the inspiration from your work and am so glad you are able to send it out into the world again!!

  16. Congratulations on the progress of your recovery! This is truly beautiful, and I’m welcoming back your lovely images to my inbox. One of these days I may get up the courage to take a beginner’s course with you. Wishing you continued healing!

    • Hi Beverly- Thanks for being in touch and sending your encouragement. It would be fun to have you take a class sometime– some people start with courage and some without it– you mainly need to embrace learning and trying something new. Until then, let music and other things be your muse!

  17. Oh hurray – you’re back! I’ve missed you, as obviously so many others have.
    As short story: My friend, Kathy (whom you’ve taught in a class here in Anacortes), fell and broke BOTH of her wrists. As she was being helped to stand, her first comment was “Oh no! I’ll never be able to paint again!” Her very loose Christmas card, a few months later, was a loose beauty!
    All my very best wishes to you.

    • Hi Melissa- I can’t imagine breaking BOTH wrists! That is horrible. I hope Kathy is progressing well and that art is helping her along the path of healing. Give her my regards! Thanks for your good wishes. Some days are better than others, but that’s normal and I think the worst is over. Onward!

  18. What a cool idea. I am sorry to hear about your surgery and broken bones. To quick healing and small steps.

  19. Seriously? I sure can’t see any difference! But you obviously feel a great deal differently, from what you say. Your advice is hard-won, I’m sure, and it’s good for all of us to think about from time to time. I really like the timeline you added to this sketch. Can’t wait to see more of these little green engines! 🙂
    Congratulations on being patient and recovering well. 🙂

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