Snowy Nights

Snowy owls are only occasional visitors to our area, migrating down to northern states after a population boom in the Arctic. These magnificent birds seek out areas that resemble tundra, including coastal marshes, grasslands, airports, and open fields where they hunt for small rodents, waterfowl, and other birds. A recent winter storm that blanketed the world here in white made me think of owls hunting in the silent, cold dark. As the snow was falling, my husband and I went outside around 9:30pm. As we walked along the edge of woods and fields, I thought of small birds and other creatures sheltering in tree crevices and burrows and wood piles, and I imagined owls waiting patiently for any of them to stir.

All was silent and still as we headed back inside.

Tips and Techniques- I drew this owl as part of a demonstration for my recent class Back to the Drawing Board. After testing a variety of pencils and pens, some that I rarely use, it was fun to put a full range of pencils to work. I encourage you to do the same—play around with your art supplies and put them to the test. You just might find yourself with new favorites or seeking out your old standbys with new appreciation.  

21 Comments on “Snowy Nights

  1. Beautiful work, Jean, thank you for sharing the more developed drawing with us! I enjoyed your presentation very much, as always. And decided I will draw on a regular basis with a pen, as it forces me to develop better perspective skills. Thanks for inspiring us.

  2. Your owl is beautiful and looks like it really is out on a snowy night. You are certainly right-on when the face is perfect the rest isn’t so important. Class was really fun. Looking forward to Jan. 23- Happy Holidays

      • Right after the last class the wind came up and blew an old tree across some high voltage power lines down by the power plant – which took care of the power and lights for a couple of days. Following that we have had a stream of kids and grandkids up to visit, go to the beach and shop. Now is a break until Xmas and we start again. I am going to finish my owl and grid page that needs watercolor. Cheers

  3. Hi Jean, I was in your class yesterday with Winslow Art. It was so enlightening. Thank you for sharing all your talents with us. Happy Holidays!!!!

  4. Thanks Jean for a great presentation yesterday. Have been sketching my “dormant” art supplies all day! What a great idea!

  5. Hi Jean, I’d hoped to make the class but it didn’t work out this time. I’m glad it went well and I really like the drawing – as well as your introduction. They’re striking birds to see and the one Michelle mentioned in Seattle was hugely popular. I didn’t get down there to see it but when I was in my 20s I saw one at Jones Beach SP on Long Island. Those golden eyes! That one stayed still on its sand dune perch, only turning its head, which was splashed with blood on one side of the neck. There must have been a story there!

  6. Santa gave the wife your book, she loves it.
    “The nature explorer’s Sketchbook .”
    Sorry about the break. Merry Christmas from our house to yours. Granddaughter, Major, USAF gets a book also. We are on one side of the Chesapeak Bay, she on the other, much to sketch.

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