Blue Mussels on a Rainy Day

October in Maine: a gift. As lovely and as simple as blue mussels on a rainy day. As steady as the ocean lapping on shore, loons calling their lonesome cry from the expanse of blue. As surprising as a pair of kingfishers rattling in flight across a cove. As beautiful as flames of crimson and gold maples and burnt sienna salt marsh hay glowing in the sun. Today, I send you the mussels. More gifts to come.

22 Comments on “Blue Mussels on a Rainy Day

  1. And a moody blue morning to you too, Jean. What a wonderful gift of mussels from Maine. Beautifully rendered. Your narratives, as are your paintings, always bring me instantly into your world. But your brief prose accompanying the painting is exceptionally descriptive …. I close my eyes and can smell the ocean, can hear the mournful cry of loons, and instantly recognize a kingfisher’s aerial rattle, all as the firey colors of maples and marsh warm me on a rainy, misty day. I was on that rocky beach and saw you in the distance examining the mussels ……. and I waved! Ha!

  2. Maine is my place or origin, and home away from home. Thank you for the beautiful words and rendering of October beauty.

  3. Lovely !!!! I love the idea of “the gifts of fall”. I am heading to the ocean (Pacific) this week and will use this suggestion as well. You are a great inspiration as are your paintings. Thank you for sharing your art with us.

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  5. Hi, Jean, were there in Maine to watch the preparations for raising the Queen Mary? Lovely mussels.

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