Finally Fall

The season of brilliant reds, oranges, and yellows is upon us here in the Northeast. While the changing foliage of trees steals the show, those same colors echoed in roadsides and fields are just as lovely. I’d better get painting– the season’s peak doesn’t last long. Step out and enjoy the colorful show while you can.  

Tips and Techniques– Don’t be intimidated by painting tiny flowers. They can be niggly, but keep in mind that you don’t have to draw every tiny shape and detail. Look at the overall structure of the plant and sketch enough detail to suggest it. Then paint the overall color loosely. You can go back in with a second wash to add a few details. The same is true for detailed leaves. You can sketch the main ones and then let your brush suggest the rest.

14 Comments on “Finally Fall

  1. Hi Jean, Just like our road in Vermont! Wonderful sketch! Do you know what the yellow flowers on the left are? They seem much more abundant this year than we remember in past falls. Thanks!

  2. Hi Jean, this is just magical! The colors are perfect, and I love the addition of the wooly caterpillar.

  3. I was starring at a goldenrod yesterday trying to see how you do it! thanks for the tips. Love Ms. Caterpillar too!

  4. Welcome Autumn indeed! A beautiful journal spread, Jean! You’ve inspired me to get out there on this uniquely rain soaked New Mexico morning and discover our autumn. It’s definitely here, and I collected a few last-of-summer plants (and a surprise mushroom) to sketch ….. bravely tackling niggly tiny flowers. Niggly is a great word!
    Is that a wooly bear footnoting your composition?
    Thanks for sharing! I love everything you do.

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