New Year’s Bouquet

The New Year is ushered in by overcast skies and a misty dampness hanging over woods and fields. I go out in search of something interesting to sketch, hike along a wet meandering stream, up through an old grove of white pines, and wind up in a field of waist-high goldenrod. By this time, the mist is beginning to spit, and the bleak daylight is fading. That’s when I see the New Year’s bouquet stretched out before me. Tight flower-like goldenrod leaf clusters, the result of tiny fly larva that stunt the plant, dot the field. I’m drawn to their curled leaves, twisting every which way; each with its own personality. They’re not much, but they’ll have to do in wishing you a Happy New Year. 

16 Comments on “New Year’s Bouquet

  1. A lovely sight for the start of the year, dry clusters dancing across the page, a sign of the wonders of nature and ingenuity of the midge.
    All the best for a naturally creative 2022. To you and all your followers.

  2. Thank you for helping me identify these odd looking weeds. I had no idea this is a gall. I like that even among the dried and dead plants you find beauty. You’ve inspired me to keep a record of my own.

  3. As I look at your New Years bouquet, I’m sitting across from 3 beautiful roses picked from my garden a few days ago. It was in the 60s, sunny and clear. It’s now foggy and 34 deg as I’m trying to warm up with a cup of tea. Who can figure?..
    I enjoy your blog so very much and the opportunity to communicate with you via Zoom even more
    Wishing you a happy, healthy, creative 2022.

    • It’s hard to compare roses to rosette deformities, but alas, I suppose we must find beauty where we are. I am grateful to continue being in touch and see your artwork on Instagram.

  4. Your work is astonishing and the bonus is that it entice me to translate the English name, hence learning even more. Here golderod is “verge d’or’ in French

  5. Happy New Year Jean. You’re blog posts continue to inspire me. Thank you.

  6. Your love and appreciation of nature shine through in your beautiful watercolor art, a gift of happiness to the heart. I get so much pleasure from seeing your posts, even more so given we’re in opposite seasons! Happy New Year.. all the best for the year ahead xx

  7. I am in awe of how you find beauty in everything, and create such elegant (and informative) paintings. You keep inspiring me.

  8. Leave it to you to come up with a bouquet like this. It’s wonderful. And of course, you stretched some stems up past the frame – I love it. Best wishes for 2022!

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