The Lovely and the Lowly

I broke my home-bound suspension yesterday just to paint magnolias in bloom. I went to a nearby cemetery where I’d seen them previously. I was not disappointed; several large trees were in their full glory. Amidst the quiet of gravestones, their display was enjoyed only by birds and a few passersby.

Later at home, I inadvertently dug up an acorn just starting to sprout in my garden. Though lowly, it struck me that this unfolding life was as lovely as the magnolia. And, thankfully, right in my own backyard.

International Nature Journaling Week is coming up, June 1-7. The week aims to bring together a world-wide community to celebrate and document the beauty and diversity of the natural world. As a lead up, artists and bloggers are sharing their perspectives and artwork each week at I am grateful to be featured this week with a blog post The Art of Discovery.”  

19 Comments on “The Lovely and the Lowly

  1. These are beautiful. Sadly we don’t see them in N.Michigan. Too cold in winter. We’re zone 4. Your post helps bring back memories of a massive tree we’d admire every spring in a town nearby where we used to live. You’re right. How could you possibly ignore these beauties?

  2. These two drawings are beautiful. With the magnolias, did you do the pen drawing first? What happened to the oak? I did see once that somebody potted one up and kept it in a container on her patio for 25 years!

    • Hi Mair— I did draw in pen first on both magnolias and acorn. If I start with pen it helps keep me loose and focused. The acorn is on my desk. We have lots of oaks here, so I don’t think I’ll keep it.

  3. You’re an inspiration! The magnolia flowers here – so delicate and pretty against the blue/green background. The blog-post is beautiful too. It’d be nice to recommend your blog again if I may, to my followers – and would you permit me to use the “Least Terns” image? I’d link to this magnolia post and also to “The Art of Discovery” but only if you say ok!

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  5. Both so beautiful – and sometimes there is so much pleasure in finding and really looking at those small things which generally escape notice.

  6. simple grace…and oh! I love the emerging acorn…the hope of Spring ! Nature continues despite everything else. And the Earth smiles with flowers !

  7. I love Magnolias, and love the idea of them blooming in a cemetery. Lovely and lowly for sure – the acorn is just as beautiful. COngratulations on the feature…I will go look now! Stay well, Jean!

  8. Wonderful paintings! Thanks for the link. Your blog post is terrific! More great drawing and painting. And I do love your calligraphy/typography. (I’m a type junkie, but rather hopeless at lettering. Practice, practice, right!?) The Rachel Carson quote is wonderful! I’m really pleased to have learned about the nature journal week. Best regards from Ontario, Canada.

  9. My water colors have gotten do much better since I began studying your layering techniques. Beautiful!

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