Water as Artist

I am fortunate to live by a stream and I’ve been especially curious about the ice that forms along it in winter. My favorite formation is the sculpted pillars that drip from exposed roots and fallen limbs at the water’s edge. They are created by a combination of water seeping, dipping, rushing, polishing, freezing and melting. Water is both artist and artwork, creating and sculpting as it flows in an ephemeral streamside gallery.

Tips and Techniques– When you sketch directly from nature, you also experience it in ways that working solely from a photo cannot offer. Frigid wind, rushing water, and awkward footing meant I had about 15 minutes to complete a base drawing and take a reference photo before retreating to the house to paint and do some research. Had I simply taken a photo and sketched entirely inside, my drawing would have been neater, but I would not have looked as carefully or felt so keenly the cold beauty of the stream in winter.

10 Comments on “Water as Artist

  1. This is lovely! Mother Nature is a wonder, as are your paintings.

  2. Lovely! A fresh take on simple beauty we just pass right by. An original idea beautifully done.

  3. The cold is palpable! That palette and all those round shapes sure do communicate ice. It’s such a challenging subject, I would think. Your willingness to tackle anything and your ever-curious eyes are appreciated. 🙂

    • You write the nicest comments! I don’t know how you find the time to do your own posts and comment on others so frequently, but please know that I appreciate it!

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