Celebrating 3,000

When I started this blog in the spring of 2014, my goal was simply to share my artwork more widely. Nearly four years and 238 posts later, I’m thrilled that more than 3,000 people are now following. Keeping a blog is journey unto itself– I’ve met people I would never know otherwise, swapped stories and art tips, shared everyday experiences, and received much kindness from strangers around the world. Drawn In has also honed and focused my artwork, and motivated me to keep seeking, recording, and sharing the ordinary beauty around me. Many thanks to you for your interest in receiving my art in your inbox and for taking the time to offer your thoughts, praise, questions, and stories! Here’s to another spin around the sun and to a productive 2019!

45 Comments on “Celebrating 3,000

  1. Thank you for your blogs! It was a great idea that you began this community activity. I enjoy reading your blog and seeing your inspirational drawings. I hope you have a wonderful 2019!!

  2. Jean…what a milestone! I am not surprised..your artwork is very inspiring. You are one of my very favorite artists. Hoping to have a chance to learn from you in person one day.

    • Hi Karen- It would be great to meet you. I’ve had the good fortune to meet and work with a few people who follow the blog and it has been fun. Thanks for your enthusiasm!

  3. I am just one of the 3011 who follow and thoroughly enjoy receiving your blog posts. You treat my eyes to new ways of seeing and painting. Your work encourages each of us to pick up pen, pencil and brush and join in the creative adventure. Thank you for your time, energy and sharing of your creative gift.

  4. Congratulations Jean!!!! Your blog is so inspiring and informative! Thank you so much for sharing your skills and knowledge with us. I really want to attend one of your workshops one of these days.

  5. Jean
    Has it really been since 2014!? Each of your posts is so fresh and unique – I look forward to every single one. Enjoy an inspiring 2019!

  6. Have always loved your artworks! Hope you inspire more people like me this coming year, have a happy new year! 🌷

  7. Every post is a delicious view of our lives drawn and watercolored with much talent, time
    And beauty. Thank you Jean!

  8. You keep me inspired to keep sketching. Your posts remind me to keep looking for the obscure and ordinary. Thank you. I look forward to future art posts.💖

  9. Starting my first journal. Your artwork is inspiring. Keep your posts coming.

  10. How nice that this milestone comes near the turn of the year. I agree with all that you say about blogging – the sharing that happens, the motivation that helps us get better, and all the rest. The illustration has a certain charm. Here’s three cheers to you, and to a terrific 2019!

  11. Hello. Wow! That’s awesome! I know I’m happy to have found your site.

  12. Thank you so much for all your lovely journal posts. I love seeing them and being inspired to try something similar.

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