Hour by Hour

After all the hustle and bustle and merriment of Christmas comes a bit of quiet– which always feels just right.

Tips and Techniques– Yesterday, I captured some of my final holiday preparations using a challenge I call “Hour by Hour.” The goal is to sketch something every hour of the day, but each sketch should take no more than three to five minutes. The time limit makes it doable, and although some of the sketches seem random in the moment, the end result really conveys a sense of the day. I sketched everything in pen and then added watercolor as time allowed. This is a fun challenge to try while traveling. I also recommend it if you struggle with what to sketch or with finding time to put pen to paper.

22 Comments on “Hour by Hour

  1. This is a wonderful idea to remember a special day! Did you bake the Irish brown bread?? If so, can you share your recipe? I’ve experimented with 3 since my trip in October but haven’t gotten it just right.

    • Hi Kat- I did make the brown bread– six loaves plus jam from Ireland to give as gifts. Like you, I’ve tried a number of recipes and modifications. None are perfect because we don’t have the same flour here in the US, but I will email you my latest recipe which, I’m happy to report, came out great.

  2. you are brilliant! you know I had the same idea to tell the eve of Christmas but (I am an eager cook) I failed, including pots, vegetables, risotto and sweets … I will certainly do it in the future, even to regulate my work and make it more fast. Why ask what kind of paper do you use? thank you and happy holidays! Margot

    • Hi Margot- I spend almost every Christmas eve engaged in the same activities, so I’m glad to have finally recorded the day. I find that I have to make a commitment the night before to wake up and do this. It sort of helps me prepare to fit in sketches and not give in to being too busy. I use Stillman & Birn sketchbooks with Beta paper, which is well suited to watercolor. Thanks for being in touch! Merry Christmas! –Jean

  3. Great idea!
    Just now trying to start art journaling with drawing and watercolor.
    You arean inspiration!

  4. Nine Lessons and Carols… by 9 am for me, 10 am for one daughter, 4 pm for another; how great to see it on your list, too. And the hour by hour idea is one I will certainly use.. maybe on a day when there seems to be nothing particularly special.. just to record what is.
    Thank you,

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