Tis the Season

It’s a busy time of year in my workshop. ‘Tis the season for making lists, and creating gifts and cards and tags. This leaves little time for personal artwork. Instead, I glued my To Do lists into my journal and, as you can see, this page reflects the rather messy state of my affairs. 

My favorite project each year is the Christmas letter I create for my former neighbor’s children. I have been sending them tales from the North Pole for several years; and though they are now at the age when believing in such magic is increasingly met with skepticism, I can’t let the Christmas spirit go. Here’s this year’s card—just a simple note, but one that I am happy to share with them, and with you at this festive time of year. Wishing you joy!


15 Comments on “Tis the Season

  1. Jean ,

    What a gift you just gave me. Somehow I missed your previous post with your earlier your letters – they are delightful, amazing and magical! I do fell in love with Tolkien’s version that inspired you. I would love it if you might share all of the ones you did. I also think you should look at publishing them – I know you felt they were too personal – regardless I wanted you to know I would buy the book. Thank you for sharing these. Precious!

    • Hi Susie- We read Tolkien’s letters to our kids for years and they remain one of our favorite Christmas books. It’s been fun to carry on some of his magic. I’m glad you enjoyed seeing these letters– I noticed that I didn’t post 2017. I’ll try to post the set later tonight or tomorrow.

  2. Happy Holidays Jean. Lovely card. Even the journal is lovely with all the beautiful color, lists, handwriting and flowers. All the best. Hanna

    • Thanks Hanna! I can barely find my desk, but I’ve checked off almost everything on the lists now, so I’m ready to enjoy the remaining holiday time in a more relaxed way. Thanks for your support! — Jean

  3. Messy looks good in your world, naturally! Love the card, too, and the story that goes with it. Have a New Year full to the brim with visual delights, Jean – and auditory and scented and tactile, all the rest!!

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