The Edge of the Sea

For many years now, I’ve clamored over granite ledges, slippery seaweeds, and sharp barnacle-laden rocks to explore the watery realm of Maine’s tide pools. When the sea retreats at low tide, a world of strange and tenacious creatures is revealed. I go in search of spiny urchins, orange and green sea stars, feathery anemone, scampering hermit crabs and slow moving snails, tunicates, blue muscles, dog whelks, sponges, lurking crabs and, always, the unexpected. I bring my sketchbook and a pen and draw until the tide turns.
2015 Low Tide, Hog Island, Maine

After this year’s adventure, I went back through my sketchbooks over the last 10 years to compare the drawings and the treasures found. Enjoy!

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11 Comments on “The Edge of the Sea

    • Same here, Karen. I only get to Maine about once a year, but I always try to get out to the edge of the tides when I’m there.

  1. I’ve only been to Maine once. That was as a child, but I still have vivid memories of the beautiful coast. I love all your finds and the way you portrayed them!

  2. I love your sketch of the island with the natural bits. It was fun to see some of your earlier work and the wonders you found along the coast, too. I always love seeing your beautiful sketches, Jean! We vacationed for a week along the central Maine coast seven years ago and I can’t wait to visit there again.

  3. Thanks for sharing these past sketches, Jean. The tidal zone is a special place that I only discovered as a result of your leadership at the recent Art and Birding workshop at Hog Island. The sketches raise the possibility of finding even more intriguing treasures in the tidal zone in the future.

    • Every time is a treasure hunt, Richard. So glad you enjoyed the intertidal exploration and I hope you will have a chance to do more of it in the future. Many more intriguing creatures to be found!

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