Painting in the Car

Painting in the car

Outside: seven degrees, wind chill minus 15F, bright winter sun. Inside the car: warm enough so that I didn’t see my breath, warm enough so that the watercolors didn’t freeze, warm enough to take my gloves off. A temporary win. After weeks of being inside, I was determined to try my hand at painting in the car. It’s less than ideal by any measure, but not without merit. The end result is a little muddy and overworked, but not bad for an hour’s outing on a frigid day.

Indian Ladder Farms in winter


15 thoughts on “Painting in the Car

  1. And I know how little the interior of your car is..! I think it looks great for limited elbow room ; )
    The green on the barns has such a great”punch” surrounded by all the white stuff.

    • Yeah, it’s messy. The paint runs down the trays because the seat isn’t level. I forgot paper towels to wipe up excess moisture and keep things clean, tried tissues (not absorbent!), and was glad I had a rag in my glove box. My heavy coat mades for extra bulk in the front seat. But, still…I was glad to be out in that winter sun.

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