Owl in Sneakers

And now for something completely different…

Owl in Sneakers

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I’ve been experimenting with developing this small, quirky character Owl in Sneakers. The basic features came to me late last summer, and I thought it might be fun to play around and see what he might become.

I figured out the body shape, eyes, pigeon-toed feet with red sneakers, and potted geranium fairly quickly. But making him move and do things and express emotion has been trickier. So far, I’ve been able to make him read and play hockey, and I’ve been test driving various concepts with my niece and nephew (who think he should play an instrument, like the tuba or trombone, and concur with me that he needs a red wagon and friend, perhaps an ermine). What comes next? I’m not sure. But I’m open to suggestions.

(Watercolor on aquaboard, 5×5”)

10 Comments on “Owl in Sneakers

  1. this is amazing. i agree that he should do yoga or meditate or even play a sport like curling. he should seem calm on the outside but different on the inside. from, Delia

  2. He’s very appealing! What a change from your usual work—but how fun to have a new friend. I’m sure he will have many talents—hope you will show us what he can do. xx, N >

  3. Jean, I think this is your character for that children’s book series you should do. I love him!!

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