Painting in the Car

Painting in the car

Outside: seven degrees, wind chill minus 15F, bright winter sun. Inside the car: warm enough so that I didn’t see my breath, warm enough so that the watercolors didn’t freeze, warm enough to take my gloves off. A temporary win. After weeks of being inside, I was determined to try my hand at painting in the car. It’s less than ideal by any measure, but not without merit. The end result is a little muddy and overworked, but not bad for an hour’s outing on a frigid day.

Indian Ladder Farms in winter


15 Comments on “Painting in the Car

  1. And I know how little the interior of your car is..! I think it looks great for limited elbow room ; )
    The green on the barns has such a great”punch” surrounded by all the white stuff.

    • Yeah, it’s messy. The paint runs down the trays because the seat isn’t level. I forgot paper towels to wipe up excess moisture and keep things clean, tried tissues (not absorbent!), and was glad I had a rag in my glove box. My heavy coat mades for extra bulk in the front seat. But, still…I was glad to be out in that winter sun.

  2. From the outcome, I’d never have suspected you might have been cramped or cold. It’s a beauty.

    • I take that as a high compliment from the Master of Car Painting! I might not have gone out if I hadn’t been inspired by your shadows on snow.

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