Until Next Year (maybe)

Okay. This is it! The last of the mushrooms for 2022. I don’t think I can paint any more, try to identify any more, read any more. I must clean my desk and turn a new page! But then, who knows, I haven’t gone outside yet today to see if anything new has come up.

Tips and Techniques– For this page, I thought it might be fun to try something different and just take a top down view of mushroom caps. This gave me a chance to look at patterns, texture, and composition, more than the previous pages of studying the whole mushroom.

Another way to capture an intriguing top down view is to make spore prints. Cut off the stem and place the cap on black paper (or white paper for dark spore mushrooms). The spores drop out, leaving a print. I used spray fixative to set and preserve the print.

20 Comments on “Until Next Year (maybe)

  1. Mushroom spore printing was interesting. It has been so dry here in central Texas this summer that seeing a mushroom is a rare sight

    • They really need the rain to come out. It was a dryer summer here and I hadn’t seen any until it rained hard for two days. Now we’ve had more rain and they are still emerging.

  2. So Lovely!! Did you use a resist to reserve the spotty parts, or just paint selectively? I once sketched an Amanita shroom without the benefit of the rubber goop – 😳 Took forever!!

  3. Mushrooms are becoming very popular! Your ideas are inspirational….thanks!!!!!

  4. Outstanding, Jean! Something tells me you will continue to hunt mushrooms until snowfall. I love your inverted cap composition page. And wow, the spore prints are gorgeous … reminds me of fine line ink drawings.

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