In the Field- November

The neighboring field is thick with goldenrod, thorny wild roses, tangles of bittersweet, and tall grass. Most of it hasn’t been cut back in more than five years. A small grove of white pines gains ground each season, as do a few oak, cherry, and walnut trees along the edges. The slow transformation from old field to woods is well begun. I don’t usually roam into the field until the goldenrods have been matted by snow, but when I spied this nest, I waded in. In addition to this sketch, I brought home a good number of dried leaves and sticky seeds in my socks and boots. A worthwhile exchange, don’t you think?

SAVE THE DATE: Painting Natural History Collections, Friday, December 17, 10am PST, 1pm EST, Winslow Art Center via Zoom, FREE- Register Now!

30 Comments on “In the Field- November

  1. Having disappeared for more than forty years (or I failed to notice!), suddenly native bittersweet is rampant along our hedgerows and in the woods; such a marvelous return. On the other hand, wild rose (multiflora) is invading every pasture, hill and hollow on the farm.

    • All of the bittersweet here is invasive. So, while it gives a nice pop of color, it strangles everything in it’s way. The multiflora rose is tough, too. Good luck with that one.

  2. Your sketches and paintings always reaffirm why I love nature so much.
    I especially think your backgrounds are always so lovely… Simple but enhancing the subject matter!

  3. Gorgeous. And loved the Art of the Bird classes, thank you so much. Keeping an eye out for registration of the above. A very early start for Australia, but worth it! Sandi

  4. Love this nest nestled in the tree. Glad you got out there Jean. We woke to 6 inches of snow!

  5. I too am anxious for your Zoom nature painting date. I’m interested in how you begin to set up your page. I so often begin with what “strikes my eye” as appealing. I don’t often arrange a page but weave shapes about to make an eye appealing page. Oh yes, some times, my lack of planning fails but…I just carry on! Can’t wait to see your demo.

    • I do the same thing Bernadette– many times just following my instincts with what I like in a collection. But I will talk about ways to set up a page during the upcoming session. Registration is now open.

  6. Hi Jean,
    I am looking forward to your ‘painting natural history collections’ at Winslow Art Center.
    You are so generous witbyour time.

  7. New to your site, it was recommended by a friend. Wow! So glad she told me about it, I love your work!

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