Come Gasp with Me

There are many lovelier species than insects, but none, perhaps, so inexplicably diverse, strange, and – dare I suggest it – marvelous. Our annoyance with “pests,” of which there are many, and our fear of others easily prevent us from taking a closer look at insects. But how can we fail to marvel at these most successful members of the animal kingdom? No doubt, it is easier to wonder at a museum collection under glass, than to appreciate black flies in May. Still, I invite you to come gasp with me*, if only for a moment, at these incredible creatures.

*This phrase was inspired by the poem “Catelog of Unabashed Gratitude” by Ross Gay

Tips and Techniques– Drawing insects invites careful observation and study. Most are built of just three basic body parts—head, thorax, and abdomen. Wings and legs are attached to the thorax, when present. Variation on the theme is where the fun is. If sketching bugs is “not your thing,” I recommend starting with prettier species like butterflies and moths. They just may inspire you to move on to dragonflies, beetles and bees.

18 Comments on “Come Gasp with Me

  1. I agree wholeheartedly, even though there are some bugs I have a hard time looking at too closely, haha — but each one represents the amazing, mindblowing creativity and power of the Master Designer, God the Creator, and showcase His glory!

  2. Oh! And I also meant to say how beautifully you drew them! As always…..
    You inspire!

  3. Hi Jean, Inspiring as always. Your knowledge & attention to detail always blow me away.
    A question about your procedure: Were you standing in front of a display case? Sketched in pen & painted on the spot, or painted later?
    (I did “do a Jean” a few days ago & took just a small sketchbook & pen on my walk. Did a sketch, & then painted at home from memory. It was fun!)

  4. Love these critter crawlies! Your attention to the delicate detail I love. These are beautiful. I’m with you on your viewing preference. Under glass is best.

    • Thanks Erica- I was not so fascinated by the dead flies on my indoor porch today, but I will try to keep my sense of wonder and an open mind about insects in general! Glad you enjoyed the post.

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