The Gift of Inspiration

I didn’t follow many blogs until I became a blogger myself, but over the last few years I’ve come to really appreciate the artwork and wisdom that arrives from bloggers to my inbox. Some of my favorites are artists who produce things that I couldn’t or wouldn’t do, but who, nonetheless, push me to think or see things in fresh ways. Because I found many of them through the network of fellow bloggers, I thought I’d share a few favorites with you.

A Certain Line– Michael Richard’s blog is a quirky mix of his artwork and informed musings about art. He frequently paints quince and other fruit in experimental and thought-provoking ways, which helps me to think about pushing the bounds of my own artwork.

The Sketchbook– Shari Blaukoph shares jaw-dropping watercolor sketches and paintings mostly of her home city of Montreal, but also of other places she travels. She takes watercolor sketching to the highest level in every way.

BlueBrightly– Lynn Wohlers appreciates the incredible world we live in and shares its beautiful details through her remarkable photographs and observations. It’s a treat to glimpse the world through Lynn’s lens.

Christopher Gallego– Realist painter and teacher Chris Gallego’s oil paintings are simple, direct, and stunning. I am equally inspired by his words of advice for artists (including topics such as “7 Tips to jolt you right out of your artistic rut” and “How to paint when it’s the last thing in the world you feel like doing”).

Annerose Georgeson mainly paints changes in the forest near her home in British Columbia, including logging, fires, farming and the pine beetles. I love the intensity of her acrylic paintings, her dedication to a single subject, and her daily drawings, which remind me of the value small sketches.

If you, too, feel inspired by blogs you follow, I encourage you to tell a friend or two– a bit of art always makes a nice gift.

27 Comments on “The Gift of Inspiration

  1. Thanks, Jean, for the inspiration. I hope your holiday is magical and filled with color, joy and peace.

    • Hi Mary- Glad to hear from you and sorry I dropped the ball on sketching together. The fall really got away from me. I always enjoy the holiday season and the extra frenzy of creative gift energy it provokes. Wishing you joy! — Jean

  2. Thank you so much for sharing the articles about these artists. I want to follow them and share them with others!

  3. Thanks so much Jean, both for the generous mention and everything you share with us all year long, including all these artists we can now follow too. May you have a wonderful and productive 2019!

  4. Thank you so much for your kind words about my blog, Jean, and for flagging up a couple of terrific ones that I hadn’t previously seen. Your mention has inspired me to post a little more often next year after a rather turbulent few months when I felt I had little to say. It’s inspiring for us all to know there are people out there who enjoy what we do, isn’t it? Power to your elbow, Jean!

  5. I can only echo Michael’s words above. I’ve just gotten started looking at the links, and spent quite a bit of time on Michael’s blog, so thank you for that. And deep bows yo you for including me here. May you have a new year filled with inspiration and sensual pleasures of every kind. 🙂

  6. Hi Jean and many thanks for these – there were a few new blogs to me in your list that I’ve already started to follow so I really appreciate your top tips! All the best for the festive season.

    • Hi John- I really enjoy your blog as well! I love the way you continually push yourself to reach the high bar you’ve set. Hope you have some time for painting over the holidays! — Jean

      • Hi Jean and thanks so much for your kind comments, they’re much appreciated! I daresay I’ll be able to squeeze a little bit of painting it, but probably not as much as I’d like to! All the very best for your festive season and New Year!

    • Hi Melissa- I did those a few years ago and set them aside. Someone recently asked me for a print of them, which made me take another look and share them with this post. Hope all is well with you. Wishing you good sketching and painting in 2019!

  7. Jean Mackay, thank you for sharing your list of creative artists that you feel have reached beyond your scope of ability. Art can be expressed through so many methods and styles, yet some artists have a higher degree of amazing skill that makes me wonder what images and imagination is at home in their thoughts. I envy them!

  8. I too did not read too many blogs until I just started myself. I can relate! Thanks for the great information.

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