Isn’t it nice to think that Don Wentworth’s poem may be true?

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Today, just letting it be
the wildflower

Have a great weekend.

19 Comments on “Lilacs

  1. So dreamy and sensual…….and I don’t even like the color purple. Nature is perfect!

  2. I was not only ‘drawn in’ but utterly spellbound by your beautiful, frothy, luxurious lilacs. Everything about your watercolour is utterly perfect and deeply satisfying. Thank you SO much 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • What an enthusiastic response! Thanks! It’s always nice— and sometimes a bit of a surprise— to see what pieces resonate with people. You must find that on your blog as well. I appreciate you commenting!

      • Yes, you’re very perceptive! The responses can be very surprising sometimes – its an interesting experience 🙂

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