At Last

Each year we wait. We count the days, watch the weather, complain, wait longer. Our patience stretched thin by the cold and by gray skies that are slow to yield to clear blue. Then suddenly, at last, we are surrounded by green. I can never keep up; never find time enough sketch or paint it all. Still, this year as in the past, it is a pleasure to try.

Tips & Techniques– The window for capturing spring ephemeral wildflowers is very short– miss it and you have to wait a year. This page records some of what I saw during hikes on April 29 and May 6. The second walk was challenging because it was raining. Determined, I discovered that I could hold an umbrella and sketchbook in one hand and my pen in the other. It’s a new technique for me — not bad, but I’m not quite sure I’d recommend it.

Spring Gallery- It’s fun to look back at prior years and compare sketches and dates.


26 Comments on “At Last

  1. I love seeing these old favorites that I grew up with, very nice work, and oh, I know the feeling of too much coming up to keep up with! There are worse problems we could have.

  2. So much beauty packed into a double page spread.
    Making me smIle about spring! Beautiful!

  3. I love spring and I love this! Beautiful! We’re finally getting spring in N. Michigan

    • Started with the trout lily, then the ferns, then trillium. Next Solomon’s seal, then mayapple. I debated about adding the dogwood, but I was excited to see them and still had that space up top. Added the lists and “At Last” text last. When I started with the trout lily the mayapples were barely even up yet. They grew 8 inches in a week!

  4. My favorite color, that deep, glowing green I wait for every year. I call it wood thrush green as it seems to coincide with the first ones I hear, and it fills my heart! And I agree, impossible to capture, but you sure did a darn good job!

  5. What a great way to journal. We also saw some trout lilies this weekend. Haven’t seen Trilliums yet. Hope to soon.

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