Paint Box Colors

Ranunculus blooms in a riot of paint box reds and pinks. Brightening the countertop, they are perfect for April, when the Northeast is slowly greening, but I am impatient for more.

Ranunculus / Watercolor
Tips and Techniques: Here’s a look at my basic kit:

  • 2 Micron archival pens, black, 02 and 005
  • 3 Escota Versatil travel watercolor brushes, sizes 2, 6, 12
  • 2 Staedtler Mars Lumograph pencils, F and 2B
  • pencil sharpener
  • Watercolors (Winsor Newton and Daniel Smith) in an altered Schmincke tin: cobalt blue, phthalo blue, ultramarine blue, indanthrone blue, phthalo green*, sap green, carmine red*, quin rose, alizarin crimson, pyrol orange, burnt umber, burnt sienna, raw umber, yellow ochre, quin gold, aureolin yellow, lemon yellow*, Hansa yellow medium (*these colors are fairly new to me, so they’re still in the testing phase.)
  • Small spray bottle for pre-wetting my paints, small jar with a lid for water
  • Scrap piece of paper for testing colors
  • Extra: Princeton Neptune 1/4-inch dagger brush (nice for the fine foliage of this flower)

29 Comments on “Paint Box Colors

  1. Great watercolor set up for easy painting. I have some Ranunculus blooms sitting on my table right now. Your watercolor rendition is beautiul.

  2. Jean, Helpful post! Thanks. Your flowers are beautiful. Inspiring…happy I found you. And Nina! She is pretty inspiring, too. Cinda

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  3. Beautiful, thanks so much for sharing! Such helpful inspiration…Linda L.

  4. Jean, I love how the sketch looks so ‘realistic’ and yet when I zoomed in, it is painterly and loose! I strive for that.. but usually end up tight! Beautiful…

    • This started and ended very loose. It actually looked quite a mess after the first layer of watercolor…but sometimes that’s the sign of good things to come. I did a variety of chores in between waiting for paint layers to dry–maybe that helped me not to fuss. I finished it with a bit of spatter, which didn’t make the photo, but adds a bit of liveliness to the final piece

  5. Jean, I just love the colour study in your photo above. Right now I’m putting together a colour post on ‘Pink and Blue’ to publish later in the week on my blog. Would you permit me to include this photo among the 15 or so that I present in my post. I credit your name, the blog-post and also the blog-home. (You’ve kindly done a guest post for me in the past). Kind regards, Liz

  6. Beautiful. I am with you. Our trees are so far behind. This is a happy splash of colour.

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  8. The Ranunculas are so lush, I can understand how they’re the perfect remedy for a slow Spring. I like seeing what’s in your kit – thanks for that!

  9. I love roses and you have captured the image so beautifully, Wow! Roses are the hardest to even draw let alone painstaking one for me.

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