The Beauty of Bulbs

24 thoughts on “The Beauty of Bulbs

  1. Your “confessions” remind me of the old lady who swallowed a fly. Just don’t go swallowing any spiders, that probably wouldn’t help…..
    Wonderful page, as always. Finding a new posting from you is like a little present.

  2. I love your drawings Jean – I keep practicing my drawing. I’m sure you’ll manage to get your commission done okay – you’ll just have to gradually creep back out on that limb…. !

  3. A really lovely painting, and a dignified way to avoid that commission! 😉 I’m partial to white amarylis, but they’re not as common as the red ones, so this year, once again, I think I missed the boat. I didn’t see any white ones so I didn’t get one. They are so wonderful to watch…enjoy!

    • I’m curious about the white ones, too. In my research for this post I discovered that there are two distinct species sold as amaryllis– one from Africa and the other from So. America. The reds tend to be So. American Hippeastrum species…which is what I have. Maybe next year we’ll find the white!

      • I took a quick look online and there seem to be plenty of bulbs around to order. Guess I need to make a note on my calendar…. 😉 I do love your drawing, and the way you balanced the roots on the left with the bud on the right, clever! Yesterday I saw individual tulips for sale that went stem to stern – i.e. root to flower. It was interesting, a good marketing ply, I think, I may get one!

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  5. Beautiful! Your drawing captures it.! What is it about bulbs? I love to just go to the farm supply and look at the bins full of them. It must be the mystery packed inside that intrigues us? I just started sketching some of late. But wow! Love this!

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