Nest Cavity

This tree once stood on the shoreline of Hog Island in Maine, with a sweeping view of Muscongus Bay— not a bad place to raise successive generations of young birds. According to the US Forest Service, some 85 species of birds, including owls, woodpeckers, chickadees, titmice, flycatchers, and swallows, nest in tree cavities. You might catch a glimpse of birds excavating a tree hole, or coming or going from one, but it’s rare, indeed, to see one from the inside. This old woodpecker hole was cut open after the tree fell, revealing the nest cavity inside. The sketch is much reduced from the real thing. The eggs of various birds that use nest cavities are painted actual size.
Nest Cavity Click to view larger.

12 Comments on “Nest Cavity

  1. Dear Jean,

    Thank you for the Nest Cavity – only you would see the beauty of a fallen tree – it only begins its journey.

    By the way, I would love to have your prints that you had mentioned earlier. Also if it is possible I would love to buy a single print for myself of the birch trees with the quote about “giving heart” I’d frame it in white so that it would stand out in its glory on my white walls.

    thank you also for your kind words. A big hug – you not only make the world a better place but awaken us to its beauty.

    Juanita Juanita Roushdy President Friends of Hog Island
    Friends of Hog Island – Promises made; promises kept.


    • Hi Juanita- Thanks– what a nice note! I’ll set the wheels in motion on the prints. I thought I might donate some 5x7s to give to FOHI volunteers each week. I’ll connect via e-mail with details. –Jean

  2. What an amazing find! So glad you took the time to sketch this nest and share it with your viewers. I have been curious what bird’s nest look inside the tree. Really appears to be cozy and protective home for birds

    • Glad to share it and satisfy a bit of your curiosity. Some birds line the inside to the tree cavity with fine wood shavings, moss, pine needles, feathers, etc., and some don’t. Either way, this cavity seemed well protected.

  3. What a wonderful combination of journaling and watercolor art. Jean is truly a treasure to the future of art.

    • Likewise– I think we enjoy similar subjects and its fun to see how you handle them. Hope you are working on some good creative projects these days.

  4. Jean, as usual your post is full of beauty, skill of execution, and interesting information. Thank you for enriching my life with your posts. I am so glad to follow you xxx

  5. Wonderful telling of how connected everything is and a beautiful way for this tree’s story to continue. Your drawings and paintings are always filled with beauty and knowledge. Thank you for sharing these gems.

    • Thanks Haunani! I hadn’t thought of it quite that way, but you are so right. The tree’s story continues…and even in it’s decay and dying, it was giving life to a variety of birds and other wildlife. Thanks for sharing your appreciation!

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