Spring Unfurls…Fast

I anticipate spring’s arrival for most of February, March and April, eager for its fresh greens, new life, and abundant sketching opportunities. It arrives slowly at first, with skunk cabbage, red-winged blackbirds, and daffodils. But by mid-May, it takes off like a rocket and I can’t keep up. I’ve been sketching and painting in snatches of time—10 minutes here, half hour there—due to an especially hectic work and family schedule this month. Here are a few of those snatches:

Click to view larger

Click to view larger


The carriage barn at the first home in America of artist John James Audubon in Mill Grove, PA. Click to view larger.


Robin’s nest on the visitor center porch at Weir Farm National Historic Site in Connecticut. Click to view larger.

25 Comments on “Spring Unfurls…Fast

  1. I like all your sketches that represent the coming of spring. Even little bits of time each day for sketching and painting can produce and express what you see to share with us.

  2. I know what you mean–I can’t keep up either! I love your robin’s nest. We have one (with three babies in it!) in a dying cherry tree in our backyard. It’s on my list to sketch, but I’m trying to keep my distance for the moment. I don’t want to frighten any of the babies into taking a leap out of the nest. I did get a few reference photos though.

  3. Jean your work is beautiful and encapsulates moments of spring perfectly. I agree, to slow down and be able to take it all in would be wonderful. I hate the thought that its going to quickly unfurl. I love what you have posted here, very inspiring.

    • Thanks Cathe- I’ve really been on the go lately, so I feel like the month of May is flying by. Got to keep my pen handy (and hope June has a little more breathing room).

  4. Pretty amazing work done in ‘snatches of time’! But that really is the wonder and excitement of spring, isn’t it? We long for it all winter, then suddenly it arrives and everything is bursting out in colour and scent here, there and everywhere … only for blossoms to fade and fall so soon thereafter. Spring: too short, but oh, so sweet!

  5. Your snatches of sketches are stunningly beautiful. After seeing your art I am always inspired to run outside with sketchbook and pen in hand, sometimes I make it, but most times I just enjoy sitting with a refreshing drink near by and admire your lovely illustrated adventures. Thank you so much for sharing the views of spring.

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