Outdoor Canvas

I’ve been creating a new perennial garden this week, which has left little time (or energy) for painting. Still, I had to sneak in a page of plants to record what’s going in the ground. I love taking the plants out of their containers and seeing the roots all wound round or tangled. I could get lost sketching them in detail, but then my garden would still be sitting in pots. So I am content (for now) to use my yard as an outdoor canvas, and to sketch with soil and plants instead of paint and paper, knowing that this garden will provide inspiration for many future paintings.Outdoor Canvas

19 thoughts on “Outdoor Canvas

  1. You are giving me ideas Jean. I am doing exactly the same thing. Spending all day yanking things out the ground leaves little energy for sketching but I have been wanting to do the same thing. Your spread of plants is perfect.

    • It was fast and fun to do, too. I wanted to get the whole thing down with a quick sketch and two rounds of paint. Glad I did it. So much happening at this time of year– I don’t have time to experience and paint it all….but, I suppose, that’s a good problem to have.

  2. Great documentation Jean. I usually just take photos. Now I know to bring on my paints!
    I also noticed you planted one of your favs, the Baptisia.

    • Our new house has no landscaping to speak of, so I suppose I could have called this “blank canvas.” Its a lot of work to dig new beds, but very rewarding as well.

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