One Glove

One Useless Glove

There isn’t a winter that goes by without losing a glove. Worst of all, I even saw this one lying on the ground as I got back in the car at a Thruway rest stop. “Geez, it’s too bad someone lost a glove. I hate that,” I thought, not recognizing that the glove was mine. Ugh! When I got home and realized my stupidity, it was too late. But for some inexplicable reason, I wasn’t able to throw out the orphan glove. It’s been sitting above our coat rack for three weeks—until yesterday. That’s when artist Laure Ferlita posted a fine tutorial on drawing garden gloves and it inspired me to memorialize my annual glove loss and move on. Thank you Laure!

7 Comments on “One Glove

  1. While it’s a sad tale of love lost and moving on, it’s a great sketch! Love the granulations you’ve created and how it gives texture and character to the glove.

  2. Good idea, memorializing the “glove” … I lost an earring early this winter and searched madly for it in the driveway. Now, of course, we have had several feet more of snow and the drive has been plowed several times as well so, alas, there is no hope of finding it until spring, maybe!!! Of course I kept the other earring. Laure’s glove tutorial was so nicely done. Saving it to do one rainy day or snowy day! Glad you found it helpful therapy!

  3. That glove has never had so much attention … maybe the lost glove will find its way home!

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