I was initially drawn in by the fruit, but how could I resist the ungainly bird? It’s been 29 years since I went to New Zealand, tasted my first kiwi fruit, saw the national bird, and explored North and South Islands for nearly three months. I thought I’d get back there sooner, but the years and the miles have not allowed it. Isn’t it funny how a simple taste, smell, or touch can transport you to places and release memories from long ago? Is it any wonder that drawing (and eating) a kiwi after a prolonged winter and too much time close to home brought me nearly 10,000 miles to the other side of the globe?

7 Comments on “Kiwi

  1. Delightful, Jean … as a child in Australia these were still called Chinese Gooseberries. Nice memories. Hope you get to journey down under again soon.

    • Thanks Jann- I was reading about the origin of kiwis — I thought they came from New Zealand, but, in fact, they were imported there from China and called gooseberries, as you recall. I thought about aadding that to the page, but decided to just keep it simple. I do hope to travel down under again someday!

    • Its’ Stillman and Birn Zeta, 5.5×8.5…so opens to 8.5 x 11″. I like the size for portability, but also because the two-page spread seems to work well for me. I almost never use just a single page. I just checked out your ballpoint pen work– nice!

      • Thank you! I’m obsessed with the ballpoint – for now! It works for me on that scale. I am going to try a size larger sketchbook, and see if I like the big spread…
        I look forward to your posts!

  2. Well your blog travelled 9,450 miles too! Hello from New Zealand! Thanks for sharing your art.

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