In Camille’s Garden

Camille's GardenHaving creative friends is wonderful thing—especially when they invite you over for an evening of sketching! I’d been eying Camille’s garden for awhile and I was glad for the chance to look at it more closely. Unfortunately, the sun was fading fast, so I chose just a small part of the flower bed to paint. I especially liked the way the hedge bindweed threaded through the lilies and daisies. The wren is nesting in my own garden, but he fit that space quite nicely and so became the final element to the page.

5 Comments on “In Camille’s Garden

  1. I consider this more than just a sketch! It’s lovely! I am an artist too. Things like this spread are not easy. How lucky, too, you were to have a garden such as this one to paint!

  2. I’m honored! Your depiction is lovely – and who knew bindweed could be so beautifully portrayed! 🙂

  3. Jean – another beauty. Thanks for keeping the inspiration flowing.

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