Hour by Hour


What if you had to draw something every hour all day, but each drawing could take only one to five minutes? That’s the challenge I issued to participants at a recent workshop on Arts and Birding in Maine…and this page is my own result. Starting at 5:40am with the clothes hanging in my closet, I found that sometimes I knew what I wanted to draw (the osprey nest), but more often, I just stopped at some point during each hour and drew whatever was in front of me (flowers on the breakfast table at 7:40am, my half-eaten turkey wrap at 12:59pm).

My aim with the challenge was to encourage participants to work fast to get something down on the page, without worrying so much about how it turned out. I also wanted people to see that it is possible to make time for sketching, even if it’s just a few minutes each day. By getting into a habit of regularly putting pen to paper, drawing skills improve!

Since it’s impossible to convey “a day in the life” on this island in just minutes of sketching, I thought I’d also give you an expanded view. Join us in 2015!

Arts and Birding 2014, Audubon Camp on Hog Island, Maine

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6 Comments on “Hour by Hour

  1. I would so love to join you next year. Do post on your blog about it when you have more info. I live near Seattle so it would be a very long way to come, but it would be absolutely wonderful.

    • Thanks so much, Cathy! Maine is a special place and I can understand why you would miss it if you haven’t been in awhile. I would like to get there more often myself! Glad the slide show brought back fond memories for you.

  2. Hello Jean – great memories of my trip to Hog Island. You would be proud of me I sketched this morning instead of exercising – in pen! I tucked my Hog Island journal in my bag today in hopes of a lunch time sketch! thanks for your inspiration!

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