Sketching on the Go

Cycling the Erie CanalIt’s tough to keep up a sketchbook when traveling by bicycle! But here’s the result of my recent 400 mile, 8-day cycling trip along the Erie Canal in New York State. (You can click on the image to enlarge it a bit.) Because I needed to cover 50 to 60 miles a day, I found it impossible to sketch until the riding was done. No matter how tired, I made a point of extending the schematic map eastward each evening, filling in some of the day’s adventures in words or pictures.

Packing light was essential! I brought a black Micron 02 pen, a small watercolor kit, water brush, and 5”x8” Moleskin watercolor sketchbook packed in a ziplock bag. The birds and bicycles page (below)– a record of all the birds I’ve seen while cycling– was completed back at home.
Birds and Bikes

5 Comments on “Sketching on the Go

  1. Nice, Jean! A great record of your journey. And I am so impressed with your stamina, especially after a long day of riding! (But what’s that about someone hitting a pug on Day 1???)

    • Thanks! Glad you like the post! About that pug…four dogs ran across the trail as cyclists were coming through. One collided with a cyclist, but neither were hurt.

  2. As always, I love your work, but I’m especially impressed at what you did on the road while biking so far! Love the birds so much!

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