Bright Spots of Yellow

This piece began a few weeks ago when I spied a mourning cloak butterfly basking on the ground at the edge of the woods. The adults of this butterfly overwinter hidden in tree cavities or under bark. I painted it on this page not knowing what I might find next. Over the last few days, forsythia has begun to bloom and a flock of golden crowned kinglets visited our yard, signaling the coming of warmer days and more buds, blooms, and returning birds. Bright spots of yellow– such a welcome beginning to spring!

Winslow Art Center is hosting its annual SPRING FLING, four days of free online workshops and demos April 13-16. I am offering Sketching Spring Unfolding on Saturday, April 15 – 2pm PDT/5pm EDT/10pm London Time. Find details and sign up >

19 Comments on “Bright Spots of Yellow

  1. that is so cool. I love the idea of online free festival, although not sure i can actually take advantage of it, but thank you for the heads up

  2. This is so cheerful! Thanks for the reminder about Spring Fling and your Sketching Spring Unfolding workshop! Can you tell me what yellow you used in this painting, and what you use for the shading? It’s kept it’s brightness and looks so nice.

    • Hi Kat- I used all the yellows in my arsenal for this, but mostly Hansa medium (warm), Hansa light (cool), aureolin, quin gold, and nickel azo yellow. I put the shadow color on the forsythia first with a pale violet. I’m not sure I love it, but I find it hard to get yellow shadows. I’m happier with how it looks on the daffodils.

  3. Loved being with you and Dan in Lynchburg. Dinner was a pure delight and we want you back anytime. Lucy is doing well. I talk to her every day and am expert on all things lucy. She is never boring! Look,forward to more signs of spring from you. Love, betsy garrard

  4. Yellow is such a cheery greeting to spring! We observed our first butterfly of the season recently in the PNW, the Mourning Cloak! I am signed up for your Spring Fling session on Saturday! Thank you!

  5. What a bright and cheerful post! Thanks for the heads up about the “Spring Fling”. Not sure if I can “attend”, but will certainly watch when I am able.

  6. Can’t wait for your Winslow Arts class! They are the best. I love this page, Jean. Coast to coast the mourning cloaks are flitting about. My nature journaling friend in the Seattle area just posted a sighting, I just added one to my April journal “Littles” page, and now you, surrounded by gorgeous seasonal yellows! All signs of spring are a-go-go!

  7. Such a sweet illustration, Jean, with the cheerful kinglet and the daffies blending into the forsythias. We had a Mourning cloak last week, too – they’re such handsome butterflies. Yellow = Spring! Thanks for spreading the cheer out over the internet. 🙂

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