Bits and Pieces

I traveled to Maine last week to direct and teach the Arts & Birding workshop at the Audubon Camp at Hog Island. The workshop is an intensive five-day program that includes bird walks at dawn, a variety of art lessons, hikes, evening programs, and a day-long boat trip to see Atlantic puffins and other seabirds. We welcomed a wonderful group of artists this year who sketched, learned, shared, and produced beautiful artwork. Because my job includes teaching and ensuring that everything is running smoothly, my painting time is limited. Still, I managed smaller sketches while traveling and hiking and participated in our annual Hour-by-Hour challenge. Here are a few bits and pieces of the week.

I captured a few travel highlights while making my way to Hog Island.
Hour-by-Hour Challenge: Complete a one-to-five minute sketch each hour of the day. I added paint later.
We offered short, medium, and long hikes with opportunities to practice field sketching techniques. I led the long hike, which meant time was limited to a few quick sketches.

Tips and Techniques– When time is limited, try doing small sketches on a single page. When connected by a theme—travel, hiking, around the house, etc.—these small pieces can add up to tell a story that is worth recording.

And because I’ve only shown you bits and pieces, here are a few photos so you can see more of Hog Island.

Upcoming Workshops: I have both online and in person workshops coming up, including the Savoring Summer series at Winslow Art Center, Sketching and Painting Birds in Westport, Mass, and Drawn to Nature at the Adirondack Great Camp Santanoni in Newcomb, NY. Check the Workshops page for details.

11 Comments on “Bits and Pieces

  1. Oh, Jean I adore the maps!!! Transported right back to the island
    And you’re right never enough time in the bird lab – looks like it was a great week!

  2. Oh my!! I absolutely love these illustrations. Maine is on my bucket list. I’ve only had a lobster roll at Cousin’s Lobster (from Maine) in Columbus, OH. If you sell prints of these I’d want them.

    • You should certainly try to visit Maine (in the summer or early fall) sometime. There are so many beautiful places to see. And the lobster is fresh from the day’s catch.

  3. Lovely lovely memories of our week last year! every sketch made me smile in recognition! Wish I could have been there… Maybe some day I’ll be able to return.

  4. Brings back great memories!!! Looks like another successful trip. I will be back some day soon!

  5. Your first-ever lobster roll after years of going to Maine? Or was that a historical note? In any case, I love the map and the colors of those T shirts. That big lobster is crackin’ good, wow! 🙂 Everything gets very peaceful on the Hog Island page, which I love – the sounds especially. That could be my favorite. There’s something about a visual artist writing and sketching about sound that really appeals to me. Love the lichens, too. It’s all inspirational. And it’s impressive that you managed this much while directing the program!

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