The Promise of Summer

With the solstice officially marking summer this week, the season of plenty is here to celebrate. Many birds have already fledged one brood and are now sitting on a second clutch. Depending on where you live, songbirds may even have a chance to raise three broods. I say, thank goodness for second chances. Let the wrens try again after their first nest was disturbed by a bear. Let the robins lay perfect blue eggs and hope the jays leave them alone. Let all this new life surround and fill us during the brightest and darkest of days.

15 Comments on “The Promise of Summer

  1. Second chances are always good. Both in creatures and people. May we all enjoy them frequently.

  2. Thanks for this inspiring message and beautiful painting! I’m just beginning to nature journal!

  3. Love the robins egg blue. You captured the true color! This post is simple yet it cheers me. Thank you.

  4. That is the most beautiful of beautiful blues! Brightens my day… thank you!

  5. Jean! Your bird nests are always so wonderful! And your message about second chances ….. spot on! A perfect pairing of beauty and wishes. Thanks always for sharing!

  6. Your words are so eloquent and fitting for the beauty of your work. There’s a poet stirring within you showing the marvels and beauty of all creation. You are truly blessed. Thank you for sharing.

  7. And may the predatory cats loose in the neighborhood go home and sleep through the summer!


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