Summer’s End

It always sneaks up too fast. Dark creeps in earlier each evening; the woods go silent; swallows gather on the power lines, then vanish. I was happy to fit in a final weekend at the ocean, where it was still plenty warm for one last swim. A row of kites fluttered overhead. Yellow primroses bloomed at the edge of the dunes. But flocks of sandpipers chasing the waves amidst late-season beach-goers were a sure tell of the season’s turning, as were the multitude of bright orange-red rose hips ripening in the sun. Summer’s end is here.

Tips and Techniques: When heading out to sketch, it’s helpful to think about what you can accomplish in the time you have. If you have 10 minutes, pick a 10-minute subject. This helps keep frustration in check, and you’ll avoid starting something you can’t finish or can’t capture sufficiently in the time you have. I’m fairly quick with drawing, but quite slow as a painter. I often choose subjects I can begin in the field and finish at later home, as was the case with the rose hips. Subjects like birds and trees take me longer to render well, so I don’t tackle them unless I have at least an hour. The more you work in the field the better you’ll become at picking subjects you can tackle well within the time you have.

21 Comments on “Summer’s End

  1. This is a lovely picture. The beach roses always amaze me, managing to grow in salty sand. The rose hips are at least twice as big as the ones I see on garden varieties.

  2. All good advice…..may I share your posts with my painting group?
    I can’t speak but someone will read your words of wisdom.
    I have PLS….google it and you will understand.
    Love your work and you….Cinda

    • Thanks for asking and feel free to share with your group. I’m sorry you are struggling with PLS. I’m glad you are still able to be involved with the painting group and other activities. Enjoy this time of year in Camden!

  3. Ooohhh…. you captured my own sentiments in your post. The world around us gets so quiet at this time. (Or should I say quieter) is that word? The only bird that I hear now in the woods is the wood peewee. It sounds so sad. But I love fall in N. Michigan. What a beautiful rendition of the beach roses and hips! Love this post. Thank you.

    • The wood pewee is the hold out in our woods in upstate New York too. So much quieter (yes, a word!); you can really start to sense life beginning to withdraw in the woods. Thanks for sharing your appreciation– glad to have that shared experience.

  4. I am so glad to have found your blog. I too will try to find my center and refrain from taking on too much at once, sound advice if it helps you render as you have in this sketch. Still how many of us feel overwhelmed by the richness of the world ? I know I will be when I head back to Monhegan Island next week. But only one thought can go into an image and really sing.-discipline!

  5. I wanted to mention that I really appreciate the tips you pass along. Thank you. This one in particular is one I will certainly use.

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