I walked out and found the nest in the gravel driveway, not by the step as the poem says, but close enough.
Nest by Marianne Boruch

I walked out, and the nest
was already there by the step. Woven basket
of a saint
sent back to life as a bird
who proceeded to make
a mess of things. Wind
right through it, and any eggs
long vanished. But in my hand it was
intricate pleasure, even the thorny reeds
softened in the weave. And the fading
leaf mold, hardly
itself anymore, merely a trick
of light, if light
can be tricked. Deep in a life
is another life. I walked out, the nest
already by the step.

Poem copyright © 1996 by Marianne Boruch, whose most recent book of poetry is “Poems: New and Selected,” Oberlin College Press, 2004. 

60 Comments on “Nest

  1. Beautiful sketch and poem, and even more beautiful together, very soothing and sweet. Thank you.

  2. so beautifully captured. Such intricate work. A nest has been on my list for ages. I really should get in and try one for inktober. Truly beautiful and inspirational.

    • If you have a nest, why not give it a go! My advice is to keep it loose at first and keep your hand moving, following the general shape of the nest. Once you have the basic structure, you can start to pick out strands and get more detailed. The bird has done most of the work for you– the thing of beauty is already created.

  3. Such a pleasing page! Great work,I love your drawing. You have reminded me that I have a nest in a box somewhere,might get it out and look at it!

  4. A beautiful sketch/drawing!! i’ve quietly come to your blog for a long time, enjoying each entry…but especially nests. They speak to something in my soul! This poem and drawing so belong together. I love both! Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Bonnie- I appreciate you reaching out and following my blog. As you know, I love finding and sketching nests. My sister-in-law recently brought me two, so more are to come.

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  6. I’m so happy that I serendipitously came across your blog! I love this post and your marvelous drawing. Looking forward to viewing more of your posts

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    • Thanks Lainey. I always like to start a nest loosely and then tighten up as I go, based on how tight the nest is woven. This one had come undone quite a bit, so I kept it pretty loose. Thanks for following!

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