Almost June

Spring has gotten away from me! I’ve missed painting apple blossoms, lilacs, dogwoods, bluebells, daffodils, violets, tulips…the list goes on and on. So today, I’m happy for quince.

18 Comments on “Almost June

  1. That pale peach border just makes it! So lovely and full of spring.

  2. Funny, this. I was just looking at the locust blossoms this morning and thinking of your lovely painting of them (last year, I think?). Hoping I would see more spring flowering shrubs/trees from you. Glad you shared this….I was painting my quince blooms a few weeks ago — they are glorious!

    • Thanks Beth! The locusts are several years old, but I have always been glad for that journal page. Glad you had a chance to capture the quince, too!

  3. Such a pretty page!! Sometimes (ha- always!) I’m kind of a chicken about putting words on the page, and then I see yours and know that it is really an essential element.

    • Hi Sheryl- I find it is a pretty essential element for me. I think the text distinguishes it as a journal piece and makes it more personal. But there’s no “right” way to do it. You have to figure out what’s best for you.

      • I know… I am such a worrier. Good thing I have a scanner and Pshop, I have avoided some big mistakes (or what I see them as) by doing try-outs. 🙂

      • You might also try a piece of tracing paper. I sometimes use it when I’m not sure where to put text or when I want to text different font styles. It’s quick and easy.

    • Good question…I think it is either a mix of Quin rose or Alizarin crimson with a yellow- either Aureolin or Hansa medium. Lots of water for the lightest shade. I think I did three passes here to get to the darkest tones.

  4. Quince trees have such interesting flowers – it looks like you nailed the color – I love it. And such a light touch, so full of joy.

    • Thanks! A dear friend brought these inside as a table arrangement and it was beautiful. The color is quite unique! Glad I had a chance to paint them.

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