Lessons from a Carrot

At the recent workshop I led in Anacortes, Washington, we started off with some back-to-basics drawing and painting techniques. Participants practiced blind contour and gesture drawings; did short, timed sketches; worked in ink to keep a drawing flow going without erasures; and put a number of concepts together while painting vegetables. Here’s my demo painting, which I went back to later to add tips from the lesson. Isn’t it great that we can learn so much from a carrot?

click to view larger

click to view larger

20 Comments on “Lessons from a Carrot

    • I think going back to basics every now and then is really worthwhile. And painting simple objects helps build skills and confidence. Plus, vegetables/fruit can be so beautiful.

  1. I love this page! What a great way to make a lesson fun and memorable! Everything you mentioned doing in your back-to-basics techniques is what I need to practice too. I think I’ll use your idea here to create some sketchbook pages of my own, if that’s okay.

    • Absolutely. Those back-to-basic techniques are worth coming back to. You can try them with any subject. I recommend giving yourself a time limit: try 30 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes, and 10 minutes. That will keep your hand moving!

  2. All I needed to know about watercolor I learned from a carrot! I get it! Thanks Jean.

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