Tomato Deluge

Tomatoes are the new zucchini! One neighbor dropped off a dozen; another went away and left a garden full, ripe for picking. That leaves me eating and painting and looking up new recipes.

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I did the first sketch in my Stillman & Birn journal with Zeta paper, which is a smooth, heavyweight 270 gsm paper. The recipe page is in a homemade journal with Fabriano soft press watercolor paper, which is a dream to work on. I wrote the main text in watercolor using a dip pen with a drawing nib. If you want to try it, simply load the nib using a watercolor brush. You’ll have to reload frequently, but that will give you a chance to alter the color and get varied tones in the letters.

16 thoughts on “Tomato Deluge

  1. Delicious page & recipe. Definitely making a stop at our neighborhood market today to pick up some fresh tomatoes for this recipe!!! Thanks for the post.

    Carole Jurack


    • We liked this pie and you can vary it to your taste. I didn’t write a lot of instruction, particularly for the crust, but you mix it just as you would for scones. Mix the dry and cut in the butter, then add the milk. Try not to overwork it. Hope it turns out well!

  2. A famous illustrator does the multi color lettering and I always wondered how it was done. Thanks for the tip, I’m off to try it!

    • I wondered about it too, until I saw someone demonstrate it. I’d tried dipping into watercolor, but it just doesn’t work. Try different nibs. Some work better with watercolor…and keep the color/water mix fairly concentrated. Enjoy!

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