Work in Progress

This page—like my diet—is work in progress, but you can see where it’s headed.  And now that I’ve started this record of my downfall, I’m reluctant to find reasons to complete it. I ate with abandon most of last year and decided it was high time to change course and get back to healthier habits. The only problem is that I love desserts and snacking. The good news is that once I put these delectable downfalls on paper, I realized why the scale didn’t show progress last week, and I renewed my resolve to do better. So…hopefully, the page will remain unfinished for a good while longer.


Click to view larger. Watercolor and Micron 02 pen in Stillman & Birn Beta sketchbook.

Thanks to Charlie O’Shields and the Doodlewash blog team for featuring me as a guest artist last week– and thanks to those of you who became fans because of the post! Doodlewash includes lots of fun sketchbook pages, product reviews, and guest artist features. Check it out! 

30 Comments on “Work in Progress

  1. A picture is worth a 1,000 calories! Love it! A good way to acknowledge what we eat is by writing it down. I like drawing it better. Thanks for the incentive.

    • That would have been a good caption, Louanne! I like eating it better than painting it– but both have their merits! Best wishes!

  2. Oh, boy, I can so relate to this! I hate that all my favorite foods are the worst ones for me. Love the sketch!

    • Who said cookies were bad for you?! I just can’t eat three or four every day. Glad you can relate! This page is keeping me on the wagon…at least for today.

      • Three or four is a good day for me! Haha. I’ve been an all or nothing kind of girl, which is a recipe for disaster with unattainable perfectionism on one end and perceived failure on the other. I’m trying to make the shift to moderation, but it’s a battle. Good luck with staying on that wagon!

      • I’m a believer in moderation– a life without treats is no good at all. Now, if I just liked vegetables a little more…

  3. I can empathize, but it’s definitely helpful to have it in black and white (or in colour) in front of you to see. Keep going! You can do it!

    • This might be the Best Comment of the Day! I have to admit that that coffee cake looks pretty enticing every time I see it.

  4. I can totally relate as my downfall is breakfast pastries and cookies! I’ve been trying not to indulge as much in the last six weeks and I have lost a few lbs. I do think you need a weekly treat however! I have always loved the quote by Iris Murdoch, “One of the secrets of a happy life is continuous small treats.” They just don’t always need to be food treats.

  5. So happy that I came across your blog, love the journaling in water colours, what a variety, love to get into this. I used to do water colours but now mainly do photography. You have inspired me, thank you.

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