Beautifully Poisonous

I found a ring of impressive mushrooms in the lawn outside my son’s apartment in Lexington, Virginia last weekend. It had been raining for several days, which brought on the fall bloom. Curious, I picked these samples, drew them, and then did some research to identify them and learn more. How fun to discover something so beautifully poisonous!Chlorophyllum_mushroom

I’ve done many pages like this over the years. I love finding something that I don’t know much about, sketching it, taking notes, reading and researching, and combining it all on the page. The result not only records my experience, it also advances my awareness and understanding as a naturalist. If you are interested in art and nature, I highly recommend creating your own field sketches and notes. Pick up something of interest and see where it takes you!

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8 Comments on “Beautifully Poisonous

  1. Even after so many years of seeing your work I am always in awe of what you put together! I love this latest works.

    • I had so much fun with this one, Sue. (And a certain someone made sure I washed everything down after I fully examined these mushrooms in our kitchen.) Glad you like it!

  2. You bring out the beauty in all forms of nature with your sketching and painting Jean.
    Thanks for the lesson. Who knew poising could have such beauty!

  3. Another breath-taking journal entry. So much more than botanical observation this includes artful rendering and lovely design composition, (the fairy ring caught my eye immediately and made me smile). Always enjoy your lovely art and always feel inspired. Thank you so much for sharing the beauty of both nature and art. Peace.

    • Thanks! My pages tend to evolve naturally until I reach a satisfying composition. I rarely start in the middle of the page, but tend to build from the outer thirds. Text is a good way for me to add something of interest in some of the open spaces and complete a page.

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