No Rules

“To me there are no rules…except those which your own feelings suggest and he who renders nature to make one feel sentiment of such, to me is the greatest man.”
— J. Alden Weir, 1876

As a pioneer of American Impressionism, J. Alden Weir set aside the artistic conventions of his day to explore new ways of painting. His words are a good reminder to me to take risks, connect with a subject, and express what I see and feel. While visiting Weir’s former home, now the Weir Farm National Historic Site in Connecticut, I had just a short time to sketch, so I don’t think I was altogether successful in illustrating his words. They really should be paired with the spreading oaks and maples, stone walls, red barns, and scenic landscapes of his farm. But who knows– maybe Weir would be forgiving, telling me to forget what “should be” and keep putting brush to paper.



9 Comments on “No Rules

    • Thanks Mary- I loved these apples, but the light was fading and I didn’t have a lot of time, so I’m not altogether pleased with them. Apples are always a challenge for me– they seem like they should be simple, but never are. I appreciate your comment– glad you like the page!

  1. Breathtakingly beautiful. Love the painting and incorporation of the quote. You have rendered “nature to make one feel sentiment of such” in a wonderful way. Thank you for sharing.

    • What a nice comment– thank you for sharing your reaction. Your piece “Remembering Summer” is one of my favorites– I’d love to see how you might have handled the quote and the apples.

      • Thank you for your kind words. While I aspire to include writings with my journal art, I do not have the grace of line that you possess and I am content to enjoy your beautiful art. Peace.

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