Moving Through

Spring bird migration is at its peak. Every day new birds are arriving. Carried by countless wing beats and winds from the south they come—some to stay and some just to rest and feed before continuing on their journey north. Among my favorites: a single white-crowned sparrow that spent just a few hours in the yard, a rose-breasted grosbeak that stayed three days, and a small flock of white-throated sparrows that skulked in our gardens and under our feeders for nearly a week. Today, they are gone…replaced by the oriole that will nest in my neighbors yard, chimney swifts twittering overhead and, with luck, a warbler or two in the days to come.

White-throated sparrow

White-throated sparrow; watercolor on Fabriano soft press paper, 5×7”

7 Comments on “Moving Through

  1. This painting is absolutely beautiful!!! Beautiful rendering. I love this. I hope you do too. Enjoy our wing-ed friends. And please paint more! You give be hope. 💛

    • Thanks! If you haven’t tried this paper, you might like to. It’s in between hot and cold press. I hope to use it to do some of the other birds that are coming through.

      • Yes, 140#. I think it is exclusive to Fabriano. I like it because it’s smooth, but more forgiving to work with than hot press.

  2. What a beautiful painting! Thanks for the tip regarding the soft press paper. Good paper is a joy to work with. What colours did you use for the green? It is most attractive.

    • Thanks Anne! The greens are combinations of sap green, Hansa yellow medium, ultrmarine blue, and a touch of permanent rose to tone down the green.

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