March, March, March

Every year it happens. I arrive at March needing so much more than the month can give. After a long winter, I am desperate to explore and draw and BE outside. I am desperate for the fuel of discovery and growth that sparks my creativity. March never delivers. It is too cold and too wet. I am tired of brown. I am tired of gray. The only thing to do is to forgive myself this artistic low point and wait.

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I went back through my journals from the last few years to compare Marches. The pages are thin and mostly the same– each year a record of small gains: pussy willows in bud, the woodcock’s return, a wooly-bear caterpillar in the driveway. And though spring is behind this year, I am glad to have these pages to remind me that incremental progress will take us out of this March too.

9 Comments on “March, March, March

  1. You March pages are so fun to look at – especially 2012 with the bluebird, monarch, milkweed pods and wooly bear. The warm gold edge ties it all together. I always enjoy your artwork! I’ve been looking back through my nature journal at past Marches, too, comparing what I see in the woods now to earlier years. Here in NW Montana, we’ve had a much warmer than normal last few months and spring seems to be about three weeks early this year.

    • It’s interesting to look back at past journals– and to have that record from year to year. Glad to hear your spring is early; ours is about two weeks late. Thanks for checking in…and happy sketching!

      • Wish I could send you some of our sunshine and 90′ weather, but then there would be no beautiful feathers!

  2. I so truly love these springtime spreads! What a great way to mark the changes and remember what happened before.

    • Thanks Mel! I see you have daffodils– those paintings will come in April (though I never seem to paint them to my satisfaction). I do like recording and learning about what’s going on in the world around me…and I like having that record from year to year.

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