Nest & Eggs

Nest & Eggs

Yes, this is a completely unseasonal piece given the temperature outside (36F), the snow and barren branches, and the fact that the wood thrush that made this nest is far gone to Central America for the winter. Still, it’s good to remind myself in the year’s darkest days that we are riding on a fantastic, revolving planet– which, after a little more travel around the sun, will bring us to spring once more.

7 Comments on “Nest & Eggs

  1. Lovely work as usual and such a beautiful touch of spring this wintery day! Thank you.

  2. Why do we enjoy studying eggs so much? A maternal connection? The mysterious shape? I love your eggs.

  3. A refreshing image on such a dreary December day (51 and raining). If we can’t have snow then, by golly, let’s think about springtime! Love those nests. Your work is inspiring, informative and timeless. It was a great idea to do a journal blog and share your talent.

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