Appreciating Craftsmanship

New Hampshire craftsman Peter Sabin has been making pottery for more than 40 years. His exquisite stoneware is simple, elegant, functional, and flawless. I consider myself fortunate to own several pieces. But after a recent visit to a shop where he sells his work, it occurred to me that he isn’t getting any younger. The day will come when he is no longer making pottery. I’ve never met Peter, but it seemed high time to say thank you. After all, I take pleasure in using the result of his labors and craftsmanship nearly every day.

I painted this as a small gesture of appreciation and mailed it off with a note of thanks. It isn’t much, but I hope it conveys my gratitude for things made well and made beautifully.

7 Comments on “Appreciating Craftsmanship

  1. In this season of giving Jean, you have really given him a gift of your art.
    I’m sure he will treasure it. It is very beautiful.

  2. What a great and thoughtful idea! The piece is lovely and your painting is terrific. He should be very pleased that you took the time to recognize his hard work (with your own hard work!)

  3. Jean, that is such a nice way to say thank you to someone who made something so well, something so useful. I really enjoy the things you paint.

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